Lea County Museum Virtual Run/Walk Results

It may not have been how every participant would have described it, but one serious runner said the inaugural Lea County Museum Virtual Run/Walk was a real hoot.

            Inspired by similar events in other parts of the country, mostly in urban and suburban settings, the LCM Virtual had 43 registered participants. However, from the stories I have heard, there were at least three times that many who actually ran or walked with those who did register.

            Does that make 123 runners and walkers?

            Perhaps, but it may also be the case that there were, according to rumors, plenty of other Lea County folks who needed the exercise and got inspired by our notices to run and walk during the two-week period.  I am not sure how you calculate the numbers on such possibility.

            The format for this event allowed runners and walkers to choose the distance (2 mile, 4 mile, or 10K), map their route anywhere outside or on a treadmill inside, and then just do it.

            The plan was for everyone to inform LCM staff of their official finishing time, but not everyone did that.

            Thus, this news release is information to all the participants that everyone was a first-place winner in more ways than one.     We had so many age and distant categories that everyone reported was first place in one category or another, and of course everyone was a winner in having a great time and in doing what the doctor orders in order to live long and happy lives.  

            The doctor says, “Get off of the couch and EXERCISE.” 

            The doctor says, “Don’t catch the virus!”

            They say you can catch it even in the slipstream of a runner or walker ahead of you.

            So here is the list of those runners and walkers who sent their times to the museum and their first-place finishing times.

            Many thanks to those who registered but did not send in their times, which is okay with the museum staff since it’s the exercising and enjoying life that is most important, not just finishing first in your age and gender group.

            Along those lines, one motto the LCM board is considering to attach to museum signs and sites expresses this feeling:  

            “We are not here for a long time.  We are here for a good time.

            However, just think of the opportunity you missed by not sending your time:  You could have had a first-place finish in the Inaugural LCM Virtual Run/Walk.

            First Place Age-Group Winners:

            Joseph Flotte, 10K, 52:35; Anne Behl, 2 mile walk, 47 min.; David Reed, 10k run, 56:44; Dianna Luce, 10k run, 1:06:58; Leszek Kaczan, 4 mile walk, 43 min.; Alyssa Young, 2 mile walk, 29:41; Guy Mossman, 2 mile walk, 20:23; Glenn Brewster, 10k, 55:55; Arthur Zapata, 10k, 1 hr. 5 min; Morgan Whitehead, 2 mile run, 19:33; Amanda Lara, 4 mile run, 59:31; Phebe Zapata, 10k run, 2hrs. 21 min.; Benita McKensie, 10k run, 2 hrs. 21 min.; Alice Espinosa; 10k run, 1 hr. 39 min.; Shannon Lathrop, 4 mile walk, 59:31.

            One special acknowledgement goes to Kim Osborne and the many family members who participated in the Virtual Run/Walk.  Each can come by the museum Book Store and Gift Shop to pick up a door prize for each.  They are Ed Osborne, Pat Kunkel, Tim Jakobsen, Teo Jakobsen, Eric Osborne, Jessie Lucas, Margie Osborne,Carol Lucas, Susan Jacobsen, Baylee Hampton, Soren Jakobsen, and Amy Osborne.  They are from Lovington, Artesia, McKinney, Texas, Portales, Austin, Texas, and Roswell. 

            Kim and her family will get the 2020 LCM Family of the Year Award from the Lea County Museum. 

            We had another special group participating in the Virtual Run/Walk.  Dianna Luce and her Team Luce of the Fifth Judicial District Attorney’s Office were a part of the fun between the week before and the week after the July 4 holiday. They are Kirk Williams, Jillian Stiverson,  D’Nae Robinette, Medjine Desrosiers-Douyon, Megan Kirtley, Brianni Frazier, Iridasy Rascon. The LCM has a Lea County history book for each of them.  They receive the 2020 Team Luce Award from the museum.

            We had a third special group of individuals from one family who participated from three different states.  The members of that family are Alice Espinosa, Arthur Zapata, Benita McKensie, and Phebe Zapata.  That’s a mother and three children, and they were in Hobbs, New Mexico, Killeen,Texas, Kempner, Texas, and Lima, Ohio.

            Congratulations to all in that family.  They are the winners of the museum’s All In The Family Award, with each getting a complimentary copy of a Lea County Museum Press book on the history of this corner of New Mexico.

            The Sponsors

            The Lea County Museum cannot operate without the generous support of many Lea County businesses and individuals.

            The following were specific sponsors of the 2020 Virtual Run/Walk:

            Urenco, Nor Lea Hospital, General Welding, Veteto Foundation, Lea County Electric Co-op, Reid Insurance Group, and Estacado Federal Credit Union.

            Thank you very much for supporting your local history museum across from the Courthouse in Lovington.