Lea County Sports Hall of Fame

Early settlers to the Llano Estacado were a scattered lot, seldom coming together. However when they did assemble, whether to hear a traveling preacher, celebrate a festive event, or attend a ranch dance, some type of sports activity could be expected.

During a social event, children would be seen playing baseball with a stick and ball made from a piece of cloth wrapped around a rock. Old cow-pokes would be talking about the meanest bronc they had broken, the fastest horse they had ridden, or their skill at roping.

These traditions have been a part of Lea County’s history, producing many local athletes and heroes. In an effort to recognize these outstanding individuals, the Lea County Museum established the Lea County Athletic Hall of Fame in 2008 and asked local residents to nominate individuals worthy of induction. Below is the Hall of Fame inductees beginning with the most current year.