2021 Virtual Run & Walk Results

The Lea County Museum hosted its annual Run & Walk, and this year, like last year, it went virtual. Despite being virtual, it’s no less exhausting, though! We’re grateful for all our participants who went out there and gave it their all.

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Run & Walk Results

Below are this year’s Run/Walk participants with their group rankings.

Rosa Cruz1m11:001st
Mason Deen1m17:301st
Sha Marie Martinez1m31:542nd
Zach Martinez1m31:541st
Zane Martinez1m31:541st
Rey Chin1m7:561st
Grace Griffin2m25:051st
Karen Deen2m31:101st
Larry Deen2m31:101st
Anne Behl2m38:751st
Larry Ward2m41:123rd
Mary Jane Ward2m41:122nd
Janis Waechter2m29:321st
Nikki Bartlett4m45:493rd
Maria Coleman4m40:452nd
Hawk Harris4m35:001st
Leonor Harris4m35:051st
Juan Zapata4m35:051st
Fernando Hernandez4m1:19:451st
Glenn Brewster4m50:101st
Benita McKensie4m1:19:311st
David Reed4m33:421st
Jimmy Waechter4m46:021st
Alice Espinosa4m1:13:221st
Phebe Zapata4m1:13:221st
Arthur Zapata4m41:511st

Unreported Times

The following people signed up to participate but did not report their times. In addition, many unnamed family and friends joined our virtual runners and walkers this year.

Alina Anaya
Bianca BoJorquez
Tegan Bradley
Aygul Brown
Wyatt Byrd
Kyle Coleman
Stephanie Deans
Cas DiOrazoi

Dillon L Franca
Allie Frei
Cesar Guerrero
Amanda Lara
Shannon Lathrop
Robert Lathrop
Dianna Luce
Amary Lee Maldonado

Lou Maldonado
Chris Martinez
Ava Olivas
Dominic Olivas
Patty Olivas
Diana Salazar
Alex Tran
Allison Zapata
Elias Zapata

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