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LCM Press Publishes Reprint of Gil Hinshaw's Lea History Book

Peter Mladnic's New Poetry Book

The Lea County Museum Press has released a reprint of the most important and comprehensive history book on Lea County, a book first published in 1976, “Lea, New Mexico's Last Frontier,” has been reprinted with a new cover and an additional preface to go with the book that is otherwise just like the original work, including many historic photographs, maps and a complete index.

This is the 12th book published by the LCM which issues works related to the history, folklore, and cultural heritage of the county. Full article here.


Below are the books published by the Lea County Museum Press. We have these and many additional books available for sale at the Museum Book Store as well as on our Amazon Store Front. To purchase a book, you may visit our storefront on via the link below or the links in each book description, print and mail our order form via the link below, or visit the museum during normal operating hours. Thank you and happy reading! Storefront

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Crude Oil Stories, This AIN’T No Bull! - $15.00

By Armondo “Mondo” Arenivas
Copyright © 2009 by Armondo & Sylvia Arenivas
Lea County Museum Press

“Hello, hope your Kelly is high! My name is Mondo Arenivas, and I have been working in the oilfields a lot of years, seen good times and bad. I have been fortunate to stay working: hard work and dedication have made that possible.

You will find many roughnecks that tell exaggerated stories – the more they talk, the deeper the wells (stories) get. In fact, there is not much difference between a fairytale and an oilfield story, except that a fairytale starts “Once Upon A Time” and an oilfield story starts “This Ain’t No Bull”. All you have to do is get a roughneck started on a rumor and everybody adds a little to it; before long it becomes a full-fledged oilfield story.

I will tell some of these stories in the book, roughneck that I am, I may have to add a little to them.” – Mondo

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Ethnic Lea - $15.00

Editors Peter Mladinic, Tueredia McBride, Amy Perales and Jim Harris
Copyright © 2011 Lea County Museum Press

“Lea’s ethnic groups have had a huge impact on the quality of life in the county, affecting the economy, politics, culture, recreation, and religion in the area often referred to as ‘Little Texas’.

In contributing to our art, the quality of our lives, and ultimately our happiness, all of our citizens have something to offer us for the future and for the present.

By some standards, Lea’s history is not very long. The county is not yet a century old. However, the brevity of our county narrative has been more than adequately made up for with the quality of life that Lea now offers those who live within its boundaries.

The change in this land has been rapid, and the editors of this book offer the following stories as a celebration of all of our rational changes that make life good.” – Jim Harris

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From the Bull Barn to the Bucking Broncs - $10.00

Seven Decades of Lea County Fair & Rodeo & The Open Range Cowboy Association

By Jim Harris and David L. Minton
Copyright © 2010 Lea County Museum Press

With antidotes, newspaper articles, association minutes, advertisements and photographs Harris and Minton provide a timeline in Lea County, New Mexico; from the late 1800’s when buffalo hunters settled at Monument Spring and the first ranches were established, through the first rodeos held at local ranches to the establishment of the Lea County Fair and Rodeo and the Open Range Cowboy Association in the 1900’s, and into the new 21st century sharing the stories of the men and women who have contributed to the rich ranching history of southeast New Mexico.

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Frontier Land, Pioneer Spirit - $7.00

Essays on Lea County New Mexico
By Jim Harris
Copyright © 2005 Jim Harris

This is a collection of essays which appeared in the Lovington Daily Leader column Lea County Museum History Notebook between 2002 and 2004 written by museum director, Jim Harris.

Titles include:
The Music of History
Ciboleros: Llano Pioneers form the West
Longhorns Helped Shape History
Carson/Graham Roots Run Deep in Lea
Haradas Brought a Pioneer Spirit
1882: Buffalo Hunter Causey Enters New Mexico
Grandfather Folsom Man

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The Grandma Hobbs Affair - $15.00

Remembering the Love Affair Between A Little Old Lady and Her City
By Joe Byers
Copyright © 2007 Joe Byers
Lea County Museum Press

“I was born in Hobbs, New Mexico, when it consisted of only a school, a store and a few widely separated homesteads; so I have a child’s recollection of the periods both before and after the discovery of oil. This narrative is about my grandmother, Frances Mooring Hobbs, and it comes from personal memories and from stories related by my mother, Minnie Hobbs Byers, and by other relatives and friends, most now deceased. The re-creation of dialogue from many decades ago permits no claim of verbatim accuracy, but I have attempted to convey the spirit and meaning of what was actually said.” – Joe Byers

In the year 1929, on the empty prairies of southeast New Mexico, a city appeared almost overnight, as though dropped form space. That bit of earth’s surface had waited in silence and solitude from time’s beginning, and in a heartbeat, it was changed. The land’s perennial peace was assaulted by the cacophony of human enterprise, and its solitude fled before the tumult of human migrations.

Just that abruptly, the boomtown of Hobbs was born, and a witness to its birth was the lady whose family name would christen the city. It was as if Fannie Hobbs had been waiting for this arrival. She loved the newborn from its birth, a love beyond explanation or justification, because boomtown Hobbs was not something loveable. A mother’s baby is beautiful to the mother, no matter the evidence, and Hobbs, that ugly, noisy, smelly infestation of clutter and chaos that happened around her once peaceful home was beautiful to Grandma Hobbs. Perhaps as with new mothers, she saw not with her eyes but with her heart. She saw the future.

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Lea County Pioneer Profiles - $15.00

By David Minton
Copyright ©2010 Lea County Museum Press

“David Minton has done yeoman’s work in collecting the family histories and individual stories of Lea County [New Mexico] residents. Often these are narratives of men and women whose names would not be found in history books, but they are individuals who had some impact on the history and development of Lea County.” – Peter Mladinic, Director, Lea County Museum Press

“What the members of a group remember of someone’s life, often called the family saga, is an important part of the history and folklore of a region. It’s unfortunate that the lives of many individuals are not readily found in written records. Those people often slip through the cracks of time and are lost to current residents of a particular place. Minton has done the extensive research and the laborious field work to insure that many former residents of Lea County will not be forgotten. His stories help fill in the picture that is Lea County history,” – Jim Harris, Lea County Museum Director

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The Light Side of Little Texas - $15.00

By Uyless Black
Copyright © 2011 Uyless Black
Lea County Museum Press

I once heard a Lea native joke, “Lea County is more like Texas than Texas is like Texas.” Many people refer to Lea County as “Little Texas.” – U.D. Black

The rural country of southeastern New Mexico serves as the backdrop for a young boy’s adventures on his father’s ranch and in his small community. Later years recount his teenage experiences. The book’s concluding chapters tell of his returning to this childhood home as an adult; about how things have changed but have also remained the same.

“Black’s ‘Confessions of a Southern Baptist’ was hilarious. I practically spilt hot chocolate all over my office when I read the story.” – Pat, Carlsbad, NM

“I laughed ‘til the tears ran, read it again the next day, and laughed again.” – From email reader

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Lost in Lea - $15.00

Southeast New Mexico Poems

By Peter Mladinic
Copyright © 2008 Lea County Museum Press

"These poems of Peter Mladinic lay their fingers on the pulse of Lea County, past and present. Whether he is pondering the gravestones of past inhabitants, or wondering about present friends and neighbors, Mladinic is in tune with and an integral part of the history that surrounds him. As a poet who recognizes himself a vital part of where he is, his poems 'light a match in the dark/and spot on the map of grief the spot/where two rivers converge." - Glen Sorestad

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Love, Death, and the Plains - $15.00

Historical Narratives of Lea County

Edited by Peter Mladinic and Joe Byers
Copyright © 2007 Lea County Museum Press

"This book is intended as a tribute and is gratefully dedicated to the authors of the following articles and stories. These are the men and women who took the time to write down their experiences and the experiences of their families and neighbors. It is through them that we know our past. A past unrecorded is soon erased by time. Thanks to these writers, significant fragments of our history have been recorded and are preserved. Through their writings we can, in our comfortable and ordered lives, vicariously ride the unfenced open range, stake a homestead claim, hear children's voices in a tiny one-room schoolhouse or empathize in the loneliness of an isolated rancher's wife. The writers permit us to feel the pulse of a time when this land was just being settled and thus to know better the place we live today." - The Editors

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